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This funnel is geared to the parents of pitchers.  Without saying, they are the ones who make the financial transactions in their sons' baseball careers.  The parents have the option to on the Home Page to enter this funnel, or you can send traffic directly targeted towards the parents on your own.  In this funnel, the parents will receive the complimentary eBook, The Case Against Baseball Being a Money Sport, followed by the rest of the Slider Domination pitching giveaways.

  • Why Promote a Product that ACTUALLY Helps Pitchers?


    It’s quite simple.  When you can help to develop a pitcher to stand on the mound with extreme confidence that he has the Arsenal of Pitches and the Mindset to take on any hitter, his pitching career
    will Quickly take off from this point.  

    You are doing a Great service to the Game of Baseball, through helping the Next Generation of Pitchers Excel.

    The Slider is a pitch that can be extremely Dominant as it looks like a Fastball coming out of the pitchers hand.  When the Hitter thinks Fastball, he will swing Fastball….only to be deceived and quickly doubt himself, when the Slider disappears down and away from the bat.

    The only thing that is more unfortunate in this scenario other than an embarrassed hitter, is the fast that not many coaches
    now how to teach this Money Pitch.  

    Also, many do not care to teach the Slider, despite the visible success that the Slider has at the Major League Level.

    Most coaches push the traditional curveball on pitchers.   However, the curveball is not for everyone.  Too many pitchers never realize soon enough that the Slider is better suited for their arm slot and mentality.  

    When pitchers eventually are taught the Slider correctly, their success tends to Sky Rocket, rapidly!!!!

    Honestly, What Pitcher would want these Results????


  • Slider Domination was Created By Pitchers, For Pitchers


    This product line is created by pitchers who played at the professional levels of baseball. What Slider Domination offers is Simplified, Professional coaching that does not make it to the amateur levels.           

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    The Slider Domination Product Funnel offers Several
    FREE Giveaways to it’s Subscribers.

    Throughout the week long promotion,
    each subscriber will Receive:

    7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider
    This Free AudioBook gives the Main Reasons why the Slider can be the Top Tier, Go To Money Pitch that transforms pitchers in to Next Level Performers.

    What Can a Slider Do for YOU?
     This Complimentary Webinar offers a professional breakdown of some of the Best Sliders in Baseball, how the Slider can Quickly SkyRocket the Success of a Pitching Career, and insight to contents of the
    Slider Domination Product Line and Membership. 

    Testimonial Interview
    From a Successful High School Head Coach of Over 20 years who shares what he looks for in his ACE of the Staff.

    Nothing else out there on the Market today explains in visible detail, Just how Truly Dominate is the Slider.

    Seeing is Believing, the Ability to Implement,
    is Seriously Ground Breaking.

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    33% on all Monthly Memberships

    40% on all 2nd Tier Products

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    33% on all Slider Domination Merchandise

  • Let’s Go!

    Parents and Players alike will invest Whatever amount it takes to get the results they want in baseball nowadays.
    As the Game is now more competitive than ever, there is
    ABSOLUTELY ZERO Competition to the Dynamic Offer of Slider Domination.  

    This is the only in depth, coaching program in the World, that teaches Pitchers how to throw Slider.

    So let’s make some good money and do our part to help enhance the level of play for the Greatest Game on Earth!







SUBJECT: Why Fall Ball is The BEST TIME to Develop a NEW Pitch


In Major League Baseball, the month of August is known as the Dog Days.  


The stretch of the season when teams and players begin to tire down,

which may make or break a team’s season.  


September is where the playoff pushes are made


October is where the Magic happens,

New Legends are Born, and a Champion will be crowned.


For the die hard ball player like yourself,

who has big dreams of pitching in ‘The Show’

this is the time to capitalize on getting closer to those dreams.


As the summer season wears down in August,

you have time to relax a bit and regroup.  

As the fall season starts, you are refreshed and itching to get back at it.


In college baseball,

the fall is the time for the bulk of the teaching and development of talent

as teams prepare to do great things in the spring.


The weather is great and the atmosphere is less intense.


For pitchers, this is the time to retool.  

It is a great opportunity to develop a new pitch

by getting in the repetitions needed without feeling pressured

or like there is not enough time.  


You can relax and put in the work and KNOW that come Go Time,

the benefits will be on their way!


You begin throwing your new pitch on flat ground

getting comfortable with the mechanics and the release.

Then you work it into your bullpen sessions,

leading up to testing this pitch out facing live hitters.


The feedback you will receive is the game plan for what you need to do

to Master your new pitch as you head into the offseason.


So come Opening Day, you are ready to Dominate!!!!


Let’s Rock!!!!


So what Pitch is it that you will allow you to Dominate 2017 ???


The Traditional ones I am sure your have tried….


...Curveball, Change Up


Are they for you?




The Gimmick Pitches?


They are an obvious waste of Time


Have you ever tried to throw a Slider?


Have you ever had a coach that was actually able to teach you the Slider?


That is usually few and far between.


Want to know more if the Slider is the Pitch for you to Dominate 2017?


Download the FREE AudioBook,


7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider




These 7 simple reasons will layout what kind of overwhelming success can come your way, simply by adding 1 New Pitch to your arsenal…


….and did I say Dominate also?


So in just under 30 minutes from now, you will know if the Slider will make your Dreams a Reality in 2017




Keep Dominating!!!!



Brad Kirsch

Creator of Slider Domination






Subject: Pitchers, Are you PISSED with a breaking ball?


Hello there (NAME)

Is your breaking ball not as good as it should be?

Have your coaches pushed you and pushed you to throw a curveball?

Have you been taught a worthless gimmick pitch that has been hit to the Moon a few times too many???


A good breaking ball makes all the difference in pitching success.

It also makes your fastball better.  MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!!!


 Have you ever thrown a Slider?   Or wanted to?

But no one had the ability to teach it to you?

When you have dug into the bag of pitching tricks and nothing has worked,

Perhaps, it is time to reevaluate what is best.


Time to Take things a different direction

If you have struggled with your breaking ball to the point where it really pisses you off

And  you demand better results from yourself…..


Right Here, you can download the FREE Audiobook


7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider


Download it and listen to it Right NOW,


...and in just 20 minutes from now,

you will know whether or not the Slider is the breaking ball that will make hitters pissed…. 


….not you




Keep Dominating!!!


Brad Kirsch

Creator of Slider Domination







Subject:  I was wrong all along with Pitching


Hello (NAME),


For years when coaches said I HAVE to throw my curveball better,

and then gave me a half witted explanation on how to do so,

It built a lot of resentment


When nothing worked, and coaches were not willing to mentor what they want,

I said the HECK with this,

I will just throw my fastball past everyone.


Quickly, I realized that I was wrong,

No matter how hard you throw,

your not fooling anyone

When even the dumbest of hitters can realize that you are a 1 trick pony on the mound,

They can sit comfortably in the batter’s box,

Time your velocity,

And wait for you to groove the fastball right where they want it


Sadly, The odds are in the hitter’s favor at this point


It should never be like that

So I was wrong…  I had to learn the hard way

Just, where did I turn to next???


Find out here, as you can Download the FREE Audiobook, {YOUR AFF LINK}

7 Reason Why YOU Should Throw a Slider

….and in just 20 minutes from now,

you will know if the Slider is the right fit for you



Brad Kirsch

Creator of Slider Domination









Subject: Why you need to Download this Audiobook, NOW!!!


Hello (NAME),


The FREE Audiobook, 7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider

is buzzing with Downloads!!!!



Pitchers from high school, college and even the professional levels

are having a difference made in their pitching success from this Audiobook.


They are being woken up to the simplicity of throwing a Slider instead of a curveball.

Hear what pitchers just like yourself have to say about the AudioBook from Slider Domination:

 Coach Brad Opened my eyes to this Dominant Pitch that I never knew I had in me!  The AudioBook gave me such a simple approach to throwing a Slider.  I am now much more competitive on the mound and my Results include more strikeouts and now getting called on to pitch in the big games.  

John O. - High School Pitcher

I was a catcher my whole life until my junior year in college.  When I realized that I can't hit anymore, I decided to get on the mound and take a chance at embarrassing hitters they way they always did to me.  Coach Brad taught me the Slider as soon as I made the conversion.  And by the following summer, I was Dominating Hitters in my elite level college summer league with my Slider.  My manager there pitched 10 years in MLB.  He was so impressed with my work, he called on me every time to keep the lead in the later innings....and I DID!!!  2 Years later, I signed my first Professional Contract. 

Brian Fulcher - Rio Grande Valley White Wings, Orange County Flyers


To put it in realistic terms,

The pitchers of Slider Domination have been enjoying massive success,

From refining their pitches, and tightening up their breaking ball,

With the sharp, Dominant, Slider


So don't delay!!!!


Download the FREE Audiobook,  

7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider


.and in just over 20 minutes from NOW,

you will know when the Slider is the right pitch for you



Keep Dominating!!!



Brad Kirsch

Creator of Slider Domination





SUBJECT:  the Slider….it just fits 


Good Fastball …...Check

Fearless Competitor…...Check

The Ability to Attack Hitters…...Check

Good feel for the curveball…….Ummmmm


The first three are a foundation for the make up of a solid pitcher


The fourth item on the list is what separates great pitchers from the rest of the pack

A sharp breaking ball that is paired with the good fastball is a great combination of changing speeds and movements for a pitcher.  

Guaranteed to put the odds in your favor.


If you also answered, Ummmmmm to the question about the curveball,

Then maybe the curveball isn't the best fit for you.

The pitchers who thrive the most with a Slider are the ones who can answer CHECK to the first three items

Why is that???

Simply put, the curveball is just not for everyone.

Hard throwers, with an aggressive, rear back and fire mentality have a hard time changing speeds,

and tend to over throw the curveball.


Which is self destructive for a pitcher

It's just too delicate of a pitch for many to waste their time trying to get a feel for the curve.

On the other hand, the Slider is better suited for the hard throwers,

with aggressive mentalities and can pick up on the Dominant Pitch rather quickly

The mere difference from the fastball, is the hand angle on the release point of the Slider.

That’s about it

After years of searching and testing,

many proven Major League pitchers who find success with the Slider,

Will simply say….  It just fits


To see if the Slider fits your pitching make up,

Download the FREE Audiobook

7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider


In just 20 minutes from now,

you will know if the Slider fits you too



Keep Dominating!!!


Brad Kirsch

Creator of Slider Domination





Subject:  Pitching is more Dynamic than ever...time to get in on the fun


Hello (NAME),

There are a number of factors why pitchers nowadays are Flat Out Dominating

on the mound as hitters are striking out at alarming rates

One factor that you can't deny is that pitchers are throwing much harder than ever before.

Yes,  PLUS+ Velocity is something that hitters never get comfortable with….

Especially, when there are good secondary pitches to offset the hitter’s timing from the fastball

The Next Factor is the Breaking Ball

A Good, Sharp, Late Breaking Pitch that moves with a downward tilt is extremely difficult to hit

When you pair a good breaking ball with PLUS+ Velocity,

It is a LETHAL combo that hitters want No Part of when standing in the box


Let’s focus on the adjective above to describe the breaking ball  SHARP


When you can throw your breaking ball correctly, it will be SHARP indeed.

Even if the hitter knows that it is coming, they can’t hit...


(Actually, I prefer to say)

 They WILL NEVER hit what is breaking away from their bat.

That is Simple Physics….not to be disputed

That’s why pitchers will ALWAYS have an Advantage over hitters

So imagine having a good fastball, and a SHARP Breaking pitch

That comes out of the hand,

Also, looking like a fastball….

…..Only to disappear when the hitter commits to swing


That pitch is called the Slider

And to find out if the Slider is the pitch for you,

Download the FREE Audiobook

7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider


In just 20 minutes from now, you will know if the Slider fits you too


Stay Sharp my friends




Keep Dominating!!!


Brad Kirsch

Creator of Slider Domination




Subject: Last Call for Awesome Pitchers


Hello (NAME),


This is the very last email notification to get your FREE download of the Audiobook,

7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider

This Audiobook is opening eyes and enhancing careers,

as pitchers at all levels are making the simple shift in their pitching arsenals to utilize what is best suited for them as they stand on the mound

Pitchers who are being awoken to the comfort and benefits that the Slider brings to their pitching psyche are sharing their success with us:


After getting to work with Coach Brad, he made a very simple adjustment for my son.  This soon Eliminated his inconsistency with with the Slider.  He was able to improve his balance in his delivery and get his body going towards the target.  And when my son bought in to this adjustment, his Strikeouts went up, walks went down, and his frustration disappeared.  Coach Brad is the BEST out there for teaching the Slider.

Andy F. - Parent  


My college career started out slow as I had ability without any proper teaching.  I was always told to go figure it out myself.....So I did.  I Downloaded 7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider, and was instantly hooked!  The simple teachings from Coach Brad helped me tighten up my Slider, and my confidence!  By my senior season, I lead the team in ERA and strikeouts.  This would have never happened without Slider Domination.

Joe K.  - College Pitcher


So this is the Last Call for the FREE Audiobook

It will no longer be available after this week.

Because, Great Pitchers NEVER hesitate to be the BEST


7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider


In just 20 minutes from now, you will know if the Slider can make you the Complete & Dynamic Pitcher you always wanted to become.


Start turning heads of all right people in baseball.






Keep Dominating!!!


Brad Kirsch

Creator of Slider Domination




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