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The 7 Reasons Why YOU Should Throw a Slider

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Jim Hayes

As a professional agent and a Winter ball Instructor in Puerto Rico, I have gotten over 50 players into professional baseball.  I have used the Slider Domination training methods to help my pitchers add the Slider to their pitching arsenal.  This AudioBook hits the nail right on on the head as to why YOU Should Throw a Slider.  It couldn’t be any clearer why the Slider has the ability to quickly SkyRocket Pitching Careers.

Jim Hayes, Professional Baseball Agent, PRIBL Pitching Intrstructor

Here's what you can expect to learn in this AudioBook...

  • Why the Curveball is Just Too Fine of a Pitch for You

    Mental Make up & Arm Slot do not allow for everyone to throw the Traditional Curveball

  • The Slider Will Make You a More Complete & Dynamic Pitcher

    The Slider will Quickly Advance you to InDemand Status

  • The Fastest Way to the BIGS

    The Slider Brings the Fast Track to The Show

and Much MUCH More...